Please vote YES for TSPLOST! This is an opportunity to fund several projects that will improve transportation throughout the county, regardless of your mode of transportation. As in many cities, Athenians are coming to realize that we cannot pave our way out of congestion, and that investments in multi-modal transportation […]

19 reasons why you should vote YES on TSPLOST

The Mayor and Commission reviewed a revised list of TSPLOST projects at Tuesday’s agenda-setting meeting, and Complete Streets Athens believes the projects on this list represent worthwhile investment in essential infrastructure—not luxuries. These projects will benefit all Athenians and make Athens a more attractive place to live and visit. Regarding specific projects: We’re […]

Weighing in on the revised TSPLOST list

After the Bike/Ped Master Plan meeting on Monday, July 10, members of BikeAthens, Complete Streets Athens and Georgia Bikes met with Transportation and Public Works Director Drew Raessler to discuss issues related to Chase Street. The following is a summary of that conversation: Traffic backing up on the Loop 10 […]

The next steps for Chase Street?

Madame Mayor and Commissioners, We understand there are issues with the portion of Chase Street from the Loop to Newton Bridge following its repaving and restriping. Complete Streets Athens would like to make the case that, if Athens had an improved Complete Streets policy with an implementation plan in place […]

Regarding the reconfiguring (and reconsideration) of Chase Street

There has been a lot of talk about TSPLOST—the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. But do you really know what it all means? We’re here to help. In dollars, it’s $105 million (Athens-Clarke County estimate) collected through a 1% sales tax. A portion of this money (~30%) will […]

Get to know TSPLOST: A primer for public input

There are new crosswalks under construction on Milledge Avenue. Except they’re more than crosswalks — they include pedestrian islands and make it easier and safer for UGA students, Clarke Central students and others to cross Milledge Avenue. This is real progress. And it’s not the only positive change we’ve seen […]

What a year it’s been!

Athens-Clarke Neighbors, ACC staff is considering two initiatives that will affect almost every neighborhood in Athens: prioritization of sidewalk construction and improvements to ACC roadways with high incidences of bike/pedestrian-vs.-car crashes. These two impending changes provide unique opportunities to create a cultural shift in the way our local government addresses […]

A call for citizen input to improve our streets

This graphic, produced by former Transportation and Public Works Director David Clark, ranks Athens-Clarke County’s streets by pedestrian/bike-vs.-car crashes per vehicle mile.

The county’s most dangerous streets

The following letter comes from the PTO at Chase Street Elementary School in response to the proposed plan to resurface Chase Street between Prince Avenue and the Loop.   *Note: The image below of the proposed plan has been updated to reflect discussions with ACC Traffic Engineering staff.**   ACC […]

Chase Street repaving: The school PTO weighs in

The following letter was sent from Complete Streets Athens to the acting city manager, mayor and commission in response to a letter sent to Commissions Link regarding crosswalk changes at Old West Broad Street and Pulaski/Hancock.   Dear Madam Mayor and Commissioners: Thank you for last night’s vote on Dougherty […]

Who gets priority: Cars, bikes or pedestrians? (A letter to ...