How You Can Help

We are a group of volunteers who are tired of struggling to get simple improvements for our community’s roads. We are working toward a comprehensive, efficient policy that gives our traffic planners a full set of tools to create well-designed roads that accommodate all types of users.

But we need your help.

We cannot be the only advocate for our streets. If you have ever wanted to walk, run, bike, or drive and you feel uncomfortable, crowded, or unsafe while doing so, you’ve experienced the need for complete streets. How can you help?

  • Tell us about your streets: We want to know which streets in your neighborhood need improving. What can be made better? Let us know!
  • Report your near-miss accidents: While traffic wrecks get reported to the police, near misses go virtually unnoticed. Yet they too play a part in the overall safety of our roads. Use our map to report your near-miss accident, along with the time and date.

  • Stay involved: Join our mailing list and stay connected to the latest initiatives, governmet policy proposals and other updates related to complete streets.