“… the discussion these days is not…a lack of awareness about what needs to be done, but rather a complete disconnect between that awareness and the actions of those responsible for the physical form of our communities.” — Jeff Speck, Walkable City   When you’re walking through downtown Athens, you know […]

Are you begging for your crosswalk signal?

At the Mayor and Commission work session December 8, David Clark presented a plan to restripe Dougherty Street developed by the staff of ACC Transportation and Public Works (TPW). Their proposal reflects a balanced and effective approach to traffic management with several benefits. The 4 or 5 existing automobile travel […]

A proposal for Dougherty Street: It’s more than just parking ...

The recent repaving of Baxter Street has become another example of a missed opportunity in Athens-Clarke County. That’s because the American Association for Transportation Officials set 5 feet as the minimum width for an urban bike lane — the minimum space needed to create predictable, safe traffic for both rider and driver. […]

The problem with Baxter Street

Dear Friends: Thank you for joining the Complete Streets Athens email list! We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you to create an integrated network of transportation options in our county. This Tuesday’s Mayor and Commission meeting has several transit issues relevant to our goal of providing […]

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